this picture shows the roof after the roofing sheets and large industrial gutters were fitted near gateshead city centre Industrial roofing being carried out on a large warehouse in Newcastle upon tyne by industrial cladding systems

Welcome to Industrial cladding systems

As roofing & cladding contractors we provide a profesional service which includes all kinds of commercial & industrial roofing systems, our services include standard box profile roofing, single skin and twinskin insulated roof systems, composit panel roof and side walls, ICS500 standingseam roofing, single ply membranes etc, our work force are fully trained and are qualified in all of the aforementioned roofing systems, we have all the nessesary certs for mewp`s and are fully trained to work on and to dismantle asbestos/cement roofing materials, for the past 20 years or more we have been manufacturing and developing our own roofing and cladding products which have been well tested through out the years on roofing & cladding contracts through out the newcastle area and rest of the uk, we now manufacture the broadest range of cladding materials in the north of England and are a prefered supplier by many roofing companies through out the UK
Since we manufacture the whole roof system you can be sure you will be getting an efficient service with no delays for any of the roofing or cladding materials     we also manufacture bespoke cladding panels & hand pressed roof sheets roof flashings in a range of materials
To compliment our full rang of roofing and cladding materials we also manufacture a complete range of structural sections for the roofing, cladding and steel framed building industry, these include different shaped purlins such as z purlins, c section purlins, eaves beams and all assosiated fixing and steel bracketory sections.
We have been manufacturing roofing sheets and cladding materials for over 20 years and our products are updated and improve as the market demands. We now provide roofing sheets, zed and c purlins in 6 metre stock lengths for same day collection or next day nation wide delivery (subject to transport)


Latest :  ICS win Sainsburys darlington roofing and side wall cladding contract !!.

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Latest :  ICS win Fenwicks Newcastle roofing contract !!.

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