large roof with asbestos cement roofing sheets


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Asbestos roofing is a major part of our business and in the last few years alone we have carried out the removal and replacing of more than 100,000 m2 of both the asbestos roofing sheets and the side wall cladding, not long ago anyone with a ladder was  able to legally strip out and remove the asbestos roofing sheets and take them to a local tip for disposal with virtually no precautions apart from a builders dusk mask, (if they wore it ) but the health and safety laws have now changed and not only do you have to be fully trained and use a whole host of protective ppe for the removal of the asbestos but the asbestos sheeting now must be transported by a licensed haulier and go to a specialist licensed tipping area for its safe disposal. all our operatives are fully trained in the removal and disposal of chrysotile asbestos materials

                           asbestos removal approx 3500m2 roof area

  This particular asbestos/cement roofing contract "above" was for a major national haulier based in Swalwell, Newcastle Tyne & Wear, the roof itself was in poor condition around 40+ years old and was causing the client major problems with leaks and bits n pieces of old sheets being blown from the roof during bad weather, for years the roof was maintained costing the client tens of thousands pounds per year but the problems just got worse due to age and changing weather systems, one of the problems with these old asbestos/cement roofs is getting access to the part of the roof that`s leaking - as you need to make sure you can get to the "problem leak" safely and you can only do that with adequate ppe, roof edge protection, crawling boards with hand rails, safety nets, safety harness equipment etc.

  This in its self can cost several thousand pounds before you even start work and then if you do find the leak you will more than likely damage more sheets trying to fix or change the original leaky sheet due to the asbestos roof sheets being brittle and old  this all makes for a really expensive maintenance plan! as it seemed leaks were popping up everywhere, adding to this there was problems with the small gutters, they were poorly designed, were difficult to get to and nigh on impossible to clean

both the boundary wall and valley gutters "as below" were too small for today`s tropical monsoon type weather, they were designed in the 60s which obviously didn`t have the flash rain fall we have today, to remedy this we fabricated a large steel gutter with a bonded pvc coating that laid in place of the existing asbestos cement gutter but hold more than 10 times the rain water capacity than the original, the pvc coating means that we could pvc-weld the joints so eliminating the historic problem of leaking gutter bolts giving a complete length of gutter with no joints!!

     asbestos cement roofing sheets with a gutter too small for todays rain fall  large gutter refited after the old asbestos roof sheets were stripped off  this industrial gutter is inaccessible for maintenance   the gutter was large enough to walk in, they were made in newcastle upon tyne

big asbestos cement roof, stripped off and replaced with an insulated roof

           Insulated roofing re-fit

built up insulated twin skin roofing - tried and tested for more than 40 years

   For the re-covering of the roof there was a choice of several roofing systems that we manufacture, there is single skin non-insulated roofing, double skin insulated roofing system, ICS500 Standing seam roofing, composite panel and single ply roofing etc.

  After We understood the client`s needs we recommended an "industry standard" insulated built up system consisting of:  0.7 white faced walk-on metal liner tray (ICS 36/1000LT) with side and end laps sealed, a galvanised ridgibar roof spacer with 200mm mineral insulation and an outer skin roofing sheet (ICS 36/1000R) 0.7thk plastisol coated goose wing grey

  we built into the roof 15% of double skin grp profiled roof lights which made a dramatic change in the lighting inside the building since the originals were pretty much opaque      Due to past problems with the gutters we purposely manufactured them over size with overflows so building in plenty of extra capacity to cope with worst possible down pour even if the odd outlet become blocked with leaves or other wind blown debri

  All the flashings were bespoke and manufactured from the same coil stock as the roof sheeting this ensures purfect colour match of the new roofing sheets and roof trims, the whole asbestos roofing system was stripped out and replaced on time whilst the business carried on as normal below with the minimal disruption,

         If the above asbestos /cement roof strip and recover is of any interest please give us a call and i will assure our prompt assistance with any roofing enquiry

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