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This large asbestos roof replacement in Newcastle upon Tyne, it consisted of 8no 15m slopes of bix 6 roof sheets, 5no internal valley gutters and a parapet wall approx 2m at the highest points, the total roof area was approx (8,400m2).
The building belong to a very well known national retailer, the asbestos cement roofing was around 40 years old and pretty much intact. though it did have the problems you would expect from a roof of this age such as irritating roof leaks at one area of the roof and then somehow leaking at different area the next time it rained.Portfolio
The major problem with this roof arose when we had the flash downpour in the north east of England on June 28th 2012

( if your reading this and you're from the north east of England you will know what i mean) we had the biggest down pour in more than forty years and the whole of the north east of England was disrupted due to the drainage systems not being able to cope.
The warehouse was completely flooded causing tens of thousands of pounds of damage, the warehouse manager said " it was like a waterfall all the way down the centre of the valley gutters"

On inspection the asbestos roof sheeting itself wasn't too bad, the corrugated sheets were mostly intact although there were a few signs of problems such as loose ridge capping and cracked roofing sheets that had been filled with bitumen mastic etc. The biggest problem was the valley gutters they were only 150mm deep x 250mm wide, which was totally inadequate for the large roof slopes feeding into them and today's weather, they were originally designed for rain fall based on calculations from 40 years ago which may have been correct then - but certainly not for today's weather 2014, no matter if the roofing sheets were 100% sealed the rainfall that day and some days after that was too heavy and the 6inch deep gutters simply couldn't cope, the unfortunate thing is the roof is useless with gutters that cant take the rain fall so it either meant putting up with the old roof leaks and hoping for the best there were no more super storms, Obviously this was something the store owners couldn't take the risk with and decided the roof would have to be replaced
but this time to build in over size gutters, we explaind by using our built up insulated roofing system consisting of our 36/1000 liner and 36/1000 top sheet we could increase the depth of the gutter by the depth of spacer bar system far deeper than if they used a composite panel
The roof repacement was always going to be a bit tricky as the warehouse was a fully working distribution centre which serviced the clients retail stores throughout the country and could not stop during the roof works,
The original roof build up of cement / asbestos roofing sheets with plasterboard linings and mineral wool insulation, normally to strip out this type of roof system you would simply install safety nets to the underside of the roof and loosely lay debris netting on top of the nets, this would help to prevent any loose debri falling through the safety nets into the building, whilst this is usually sufficient for most strip and recover projects this was in no way good enough for Fenwick's , the management insisted on absolutely no debris or dust to enter the building what so ever during the demolition works.

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