Light gauge steel buildings


Our steel buildings are manufactured at our factory warehouse in Newcastle Tyne & wear, they are an excellent cost effective alternative to the traditional hot rolled steel frames as there light weight and easy to erect, they dont need as much of the heavy lifting equipment associated with the hot rolled frames and can easily be erected by two or three people with the use of a tower scaffold and tele-handeler

 all the steel columns, rafters and other components are manufactured on the latest computer controlled roll forming machinery so ensuring perfect quality rolled steel sections and accurate positioning of the punch holes for the assembly bolts, the rolled steel sections are connected together with galvanised steel cleats which have holes to suit the rolled sections, haunch & ridge plates are manufactured individually to suit the building type and roof slope

 we can supply the steel frame only or as a complete package with roofing sheets, side wall cladding & gutters and flashings etc, all the buildings are bespoke and can be of several configurations such as a mono slope roof ,traditional double pitched roof, give us a call if your looking to buy a light weight steel frame

One of the many steel buildings we have manufactured

cold rolled steel buildings manufactured using high tensile galvanised steel                                                                                                                                             

      bolted haunch plates          bolted columns and rafters made from galvanised steel perfect for damp or wet enviroments

          The above photo ⇑ is of the steel haunch plate

                                                                                      Galvanised steel ⇑ brackets with bolts        

       inside of the steel frame 

  inside of the finished steel shed  inside the cold rolled building   these photos are of the inside of the steel shed - we added a couple of profiled grp roof lights which gave the inside plenty of daylight


          fully errected steel building after being sheeted with olive green plastic coated steel roofing sheets and wall cladding                    This steel building served as a agricultural shed but could also have been used as an industrial unit or a domestic garage

we will be posting more information about our new light gauge steel framed buildings soon